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What We Do

The Opal Center currently offers much-needed support groups and mental health support services to the LGBTQ community in Texoma. 
We are also working hard to raise funds so we can work on expanding the services we offer. Check out what we do below, and don't forget to donate before you leave!

The LGBTQ community is at increased risk for negative mental health outcomes, largely as a result of rejection and discrimination by society and even friends and family. Unfortunately, this community also faces significant barriers to accessing competent mental health services. The Opal Center aims to remove these barriers by providing individual, couple, family, and gender therapy to LGBTQ individuals and their families in Texoma at no cost.

Mental Health

One long-range goal of The Opal Center is to provide medical services to the LGBTQ community that are unavailable or difficult to access in the Texoma area. From HIV testing and treatment to transition-related treatments such as hormone replacement therapy, we hope to become a close-to-home option for those who cannot or would prefer not to travel to a large city to access necessary medical care.



Discrimination and harassment are daily occurrences for many LGBTQ individuals and often should be addressed in court, but it can be difficult to navigate the legal system alone. The Opal Center's legal services program will provide consultation with practicing attorneys, and in some cases may provide representation. Attorneys will also be available to assist with filing for legal name and gender marker changes.


Social and family support is the most important predictor of positive mental health outcomes among LGBTQ individuals. The Opal Center provides free peer support groups for members of the community, family members, and allies, with the goal of creating strong support systems and resources.


and Advocacy

No matter how many services we provide, the real work lies in educating the public about LGBTQ issues, advocating for greater access to resources and services within the community, and fighting against discrimination wherever it can be found. The Opal Center will train volunteers to connect with and educate organizations in the Texoma area, and will offer free trainings and seminars to employers and other organizations to promote inclusivity, nondiscrimination, and acceptance.

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